APC by Schneider Electric specialise in data centres, power management & protection, cooling systems and other solutions that can help you improve your bottom line. They help you to consume less energy without the risk of power outages or disruptions; creating an energy efficient, safe, reliable and productive solution from plant to plug.

Pacific Datacom has established themselves as leaders in the data and communication industry. We have spent years forming long-lasting relationships with the biggest suppliers from Australia and around the world, which is why we’re proud to stock and sell the entire range of APC data centres and power management solutions.

APC by Schneider Electric are known for specilised in providing Solutions, Products & Services based on Data Centres, Power & Cooling systems. In order to get more details regarding APC by Schneider Electric visit the nearest PDC wholesaler.

Our team of data experts are waiting to talk to you about the latest APC solutions and how we can accommodation to your business. Let us take the hard work out of power management and start saving money on costly energy bills.

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